What our clients say about us is how we treat all our clients:

(National Lubricants Distributor) hired Scott to implement the Predictive Index tool in 2008. Scott has provided great service, direction, and coaching to our Leadership Team, the CEO, and myself as a newly Certified Predictive Index Analyst for the company. Scott has been receptive, professional and extremely supportive as I learn my new skill. He is patient, approachable, and encourages my questions. I would recommend Scott and the Predictive Index tool without hesitation.

B.S., Director of Human Resources and Risk Management

After years of using Predictive Index as a hiring tool, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the selling skills assessment tool (SSAT). The SSAT results for my sales staff in conjunction with the customer focused sales training you provided have opened our eyes to a new selling strategy. Everyone is unique and you have taught us to take that uniqueness and change our sales style to fit the client; not try to change the client to fit us. Your presentations were well received by the staff as being structured with enough participation and practice time to understand the concepts that you were teaching. Thank you again for sharing your expertise.

D.K., CIC, President, ( Regional Financial Services Company)

I’ve got to tell you I really, really enjoyed the training and so did my team. We think you are just top-notch. So thank you so much. I’m really enthused about the PI and how it will really help boost our organization. Very interesting, very interesting.

D. R. SVP Human Resources and Finance, (Regional Bank)

Scott –…right out of the gates, you should know that this was by far one of the best trainings I have ever been too – and will recommend PI and this training not only within our company but outside as well!

A. B., Sales/Marketing & Public Relations,(Retail Fuel Distributor)

There is not a week that goes by where I don’t think of how valuable the predictive index management tool has been to me in my role as Director.

E.G., Director (Health Center)

So far, PI has been a big hit! Every person that we have talked with about their PI has been so enthused by the results. Managers can't wait to roll this out to their teams! This has really been a wonderful experience and I can't tell you how excited I am by the support it has generated and the impact it is going to have on the way we all work together.

J.R., SPHR, HR Manager (Regional Printing Firm)

Here is how we utilize Predictive Index (PI). We utilize this process to help us improve effectiveness and productivity across all levels of the agency. We use it as an indicator of workplace behavior and it helps us make sound decisions on staff, which in turn helps us to focus on the best results for the agency and our employees. We use it in many ways; to attract the best candidates, to select & hire the right people, to build strong teams, to help define job requirements, to help develop our people, to deal effectively with conflict and to retain valuable employees. Bottom line, this is a large part of the process we use to; hire, manage and motivate our overall staff. It helped me focus on where we stood in our overall goal of building an excellent sales culture within the agency. This has been a great tool for our agency and we are using it daily… We have been very pleased with our results and I would encourage all of you to look into these services and tools.

T.M., CIC, President (Large Regional Insurance Agency)