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Effective influencing relies heavily upon knowing the process.

Do You and Your Team Have the
Influence Skills You Need to Succeed?

The Influencing Skills System

Our Influencing Skills system helps you quantify and improve the skills needed to help functional leaders and groups in your company compete successfully for top management’s limited time and attention. Effective managers successfully influence people to adopt ideas and rally around products and plans to foster a more harmonious, productive working environment where everyone is contributing to achieve a common goal.

At only $150.00 each, or less depending upon number of assessments, the Influence Skills Assessment Tool (ISAT) may just be the best investment you'll make in your people this year!

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The Influence Skills Assessment Toolâ„¢ (ISAT) will measure a person, a team or a whole organization's skills and areas of need in the influence process. Results provide management with a roadmap for effective training and coaching.