Delivering on the business priorities is the leading success factor for any company and CEO.

Failure to deliver on those priorities can mean the downfall of a CEO or even the entire company. From our experience we've found that although CEOs generally feel that their priorities are well aligned, the results of our custom tailored Management Execution Survey show that they rarely are.

And if those key business priorities aren't effectively achieved, you can kiss the effective execution of your long term strategy good-bye (according to Kaplan and Norton, founders of the Balanced Scorecard, the chances of executing an effectively formulated strategy are only 1 in 10).

Although several factors will have influence on the company's ability to achieve the business priorities, two factors will have a very strong impact:

  • Whether the CEO and managers are aligned around the same goals
  • Whether the organizational systems and processes that drive the focus and behavior in the company support the business priorities.

So let's uncover the immediately actionable data in your organization to change the odds in your favor! Let's start with our Management Execution Survey, part of the FOCUS REVIEW executive toolset to check how your priorities are actually doing. Let it provide the roadmap to improvements and let's see, together, where you can take it from there.

Our quiver of business solutions includes a combination of globally proven tools and consulting services available from only a select few of us around the world.

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FOCUS REVIEW is a product of, Better Organisations A/S, Denmark.

Scott Greenwood, CEO, S. A. Greenwood Mgmt Resources, LLC is a U. S. Representative Consultant for Better Organisations A/S.


Geared to your success!

  • How aligned is your Management Team with the 1 to 3 top priorities of the CEO? Are they in synch or perhaps working on their own agendas, wasting time, money and resources that negatively impact the execution of the CEO's priorities?

  • Do Frontline Managers and Staff Members understand expectations and understand how their work impacts the success of the company? If they don't understand, they won't know how to help drive your success.

  • Are Systems and Processes supporting the strategy? If they aren't, they may be hindering or preventing successful strategy execution.

If you don't have data to provide the answers to each of these questions, we need to talk NOW! Contact Us for a conversation.

(Conversation costs nothing, but failing to have a conversation can prove to be very costly.)